‘Driving an HGV should be for anyone’

A 22-year-old HGV host has taken to TikTok to show people that it can be a “race for anyone.”

Becky Giles, of Market Harborough, Leicestershire, has been driving trucks for four years for her family farm haulage business in Desborough, Northamptonshire.

The government is taking a series of steps to address the HGV driver shortage, amid concerns over deliveries of food, fuel and other items in the run-up to Christmas.

Ms. Giles has set up a TikTok account to showcase work that “I wouldn’t trade for the world” and to encourage others to join the industry.

Share videos of your everyday life and answer questions about the industry.

The host said that she had received some negative comments on the platform, but asked people to be less judgmental about who can take on those jobs.

Videojournalist: Harris Millar

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