Dr. Dre is making music for some GTA, according to Snoop Dogg

Dr. Dre is writing a “really good” song for an upcoming GTA not yet released, according to his professional colleague Snoop Dogg. The information appeared in a recent interview by Snoop with Rolling Stone magazine, in which he stated:

“I know he (Dr. Dre) is in the studio. I know he’s making great f* songs. GTA that is about to leave. So I think this is going to be the way his music will be released, through the video game of GTA.”

Unfortunately we don’t have more details about the declaration. Both Rockstar and Dr. Dre declined to comment on Snoop Dogg’s lines, and the rapper himself didn’t have much detail on the subject.

Franchise fans root for a new one GTA, but it seems that we are still some way away from a GTA 6. When Snoop Dogg refers to a game “to go out”, he may be talking about the remastered trilogy or the re-release of GTA V for the new generation of consoles, but in these two cases it’s hard to imagine that games will be getting new tracks.

There is also a great possibility that it is not a GTA new, but some new update for the GTA Online, which keeps getting more content month after month. It’s a pretty plausible idea that the game will also get some new tracks through its updates.


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