Chicago Fire 10×6: Hackers try to disrupt firefighters (recap)


Last Wednesday (27), the public followed some very interesting cases in the 10×6 episode of Chicago Fire. Without Casey (Jesse Spencer), firefighters split up to try to solve everything as best they could.

So, find out more about the titled “Dead Zone” with our recap!

Chicago Fire: intensity and emotion remain in season 10 of the series

The episode opens with Brett (Kara Killmer) trying to move on after Casey decided to take care of his late friend’s children. The two were trying to date from a distance, but apparently things didn’t go too well. Back at work, the character went out with the team to help a young man who ended up having an accident during a basketball game.

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However, Brett realized that something was wrong during the case, as there were two teams of firefighters on the scene, as well as a metal cutter service, as the young man in question had a bar across his body. It was at this point that she found out that hackers had hacked into the emergency service and the signal was down.

With the help of Boden (Eamonn Walker), Brett’s squad was trying to solve the communication problem. Through codes, they resumed their routine. While this was happening, Severide (Taylor Kinney) was investigating an arson case against a church. When they went to interrogate the priest, the priest hinted that he already knew who was the culprit, mainly because of the act of confession.

As he could not break the seal of confession, the priest asked Severide to interrogate someone else. Upon meeting the nun known as Montaclair, she thought that perhaps she knew who might have been responsible for the fire. It was a young man who had been thrown out of school for setting a classmate’s hair on fire.

However, the boy in question had an alibi. Thus, Severide discovered other details related to the parish and became suspicious of the priest on account of some documents that should have been handed over to the Archdiocese of Chicago. When he was fully convinced of what was going on, Severide returned to the church to put his suspect on the wall.

When he arrived at the scene, a new fire was being started and it was not at the hands of the priest. Despite having managed to save him, the mysterious arsonist managed to escape. With the fire department’s investigation and communication systems still unstable, there was no way to proceed with the case, leaving Severide to take the priest to the hospital. Of course, this question will still be addressed in the next episode.

(NBC/Reproduction)(NBC/Reproduction)Source: NBC

Somehow, in the midst of so many emergencies, firefighters were able to respond to calls using their old alarm system. Mouch and Hermann (David Eigenberg) took care of everything, while Gallo (Alberto Rosende) was still around taking notes by hand. Although the attack messed things up, everyone managed to overcome the problem.

But what will happen from now on? Don’t miss it! A new episode of Chicago Fire will appear next week.

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