Bill that ends with half-price ticket is approved at Alesp

Last Wednesday night (27), the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo (Alesp) approved the bill that should put an end to half-price tickets for specific groups in the state. The benefit, which is currently aimed at seniors, students and specific categories, will apply to “all people aged between 0 and 99 years”.

According to the text, the PL ensures “access, upon payment of half the ticket price actually charged to the general public, to movie theaters, movie clubs, theaters, musical and circus shows, educational, sporting, leisure and entertainment events. entertainment or similar, promoted by any entities, public or private, performed in public or private establishments”.

In practice, this means the end of the benefit. That’s because half price should be the standard price charged by cinemas, concert halls and artistic events, for example.

The author of the project, Arthur do Val (Patriotas), explained that the request for the text was from the artistic sector of the state. “It was the events sector that asked me, even sent me letters of support that they wanted the approval of this PL, because when you have a live house or you are an event producer, you need to be predictable about how much you will raise, and you only you find out about this by knowing how much you can charge for a ticket,” he said.

The text must now be submitted for analysis by the governor of São Paulo, João Dória.

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