Attendees say Sinema did not interact with wedding guests wearing ‘disrespectful and racist costumes’

Aides of the Sen. Kyrsten CinemaKyrsten Sinema21 House Democrats Call For IRS Banking Reporting Proposal To Be Removed From Overnight Health Care Spending Bill – Brought To By Altria – Vulnerable House Democrats Push For On The Drug Pricing Plan Money – Will Joe Manchin ‘s Billionaire Tax Survive? PLUS (D-Ariz.) He says he did not interact with white guests at a wedding who came dressed in Native American attire.

The moderate senator officiated at her friends’ wedding last weekend.

“Senator Sinema officiated at a personal friend’s wedding in which a small group of activists protested during the private ceremony,” Sinema spokeswoman Hannah Hurley said in an email to “While the senator knows the bride and groom, she does not meet or interact with the wedding guests who wore disrespectful and racist costumes to the ceremony, and she strongly condemns such behavior.”

Protesters marched outside the wedding venue in Bisbee, Arizona, condemning Sinema for her opposition to certain measures in the Democrats’ social spending bill. According to, the protesters fell silent during the royal ceremony after the mother of the bride tearfully pleaded with them not to ruin her daughter’s wedding.

In a video taken by the protesters, the protesters carried signs that read “Kyr $ ten Sinema is a corporate $ chill” and “Sinema Sell-Out.” They also intermittently sang “Shame” outside the venue.

In the video, two guests could be seen wearing Native American headdresses, and one protester exclaimed that the costumes were “racist as hell.”

A woman who appeared to be the bride was seen saying, “I really wish I could enjoy my wedding without you ruining it.”

Through an opening in the doors of the venue, Sinema could be seen casually dancing alongside an individual dressed as an inflatable unicorn as a protester angrily yelled at her to “stop receiving corporate money.” Sinema seemed to give no indication that she could hear the man’s criticism.

“It felt like an opportunity to make it known that we are not happy with their behavior,” Molly Harrico, a Bisbee resident and protester, told “As a representative who works for the people, he’s certainly not doing that. Basically, it seems to me that she is just an obstructionist. “

Harrico told the outlet that she was “shocked, shocked and disgusted by the white people who entered the wedding party dressed in all the Native American garb.”

“She has the whole country in absolute dominance,” said Bisbee resident Gretchen Baer, ​​who was at the protest. “This is not just a local politician that we don’t like for whatever reasons. He is someone who is holding back positive change at a global level ”.

Baer accused Sinema of having no interest in her community and never reaching out “in any way.”

The Hill has reached out to Sinema’s office for a response to the protests and further comment on the guests dressed in Native American attire.

Sinema, along with his centrist colleague, the senator. Joe manchinJoe ManchinBiden to Meet House Democrats Ahead of Europe Trip: Report 21 House Democrats Call for IRS Bank Reporting Proposal Removed from Spending Bill Democrats Try to Back Manchin on Removal of the paid family leave proposal PLUS (DW.Va), has been largely responsible for lifting major roadblocks to the Democrats’ “human infrastructure” bill, which is a key part of President BidenJoe BidenBiden to Meet House Democrats Ahead of Europe Trip: Report 21 House Democrats Call for Removal of IRS Bank Reporting Proposal from Spending Bill Overnight Health Care – Presented by Altria – Vulnerable Democrats Push Drug Pricing Plan MOREdomestic agenda.

Frustration with Sinema has risen among fellow Democratic lawmakers as they struggle to reach an agreement on the bill. The Arizona senator has expressed concerns in the past about the size of the bill and how it will be paid. Sinema is also against corporate tax increases, after he spoke out against the former President TrumpDonald Trump Night Defense and National Security – Presented by Boeing – Milley Warns of ‘Sputnik Moment’ for China WSJ Releases Letter from Trump Continuing to Allege Election Fraud in PA Oath Keeper, Who Was on Capitol Hill Jan.6, Runs for the New Jersey State Assembly MOREtax cuts in 2017.

Sinema has been somewhat quiet about her decisions.

Progressive Rep. Ro khannaRohit (Ro) Khanna Democrats hope to hold Big Oil accountable State Department issues first US passport with X gender marker As the clock ticks, Manchin is the vote to approve the spending plan MORE (D-Calif.) He expressed his frustration at what he considered to be Sinema’s elusive behavior earlier this week.

“My concern with Senator Sinema is, why are the rules different for her? Why doesn’t she go to shows like hers? Why isn’t she self-explanatory? If she changed her position on the US tax cuts? Trump, explain it, “Khanna told the host of” Fox News Sunday ” Chris WallaceChristopher (Chris) Wallace CDC Director Urges Americans to Come Out, ‘Enjoy Your Trick or Treat’ Rep. Khanna Expresses Frustration at Sinema CDC Director: ‘We Can’t Be Complacent’ Amid Decline in Cases COVID-19 MORE.

“I guess I’ve never seen a politician, including, frankly, former President Trump, who just totally ducks into answering questions from the media or voters and that’s my frustration with her. She’s not clear on what. believe “.

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