AMD closes quarter with record profit and revenue

This week, AMD revealed some numbers that show the power of the manufacturer in the market. According to the 2021 third quarter earnings report, the company’s revenue increased 54% over the same quarter last year, which had already set a record at the time.

While third-quarter 2020 revenue was $2.8 billion, this year AMD raised $4.3 billion. Net income was also record: the difference is 137% in relation to the same period of the previous year, with a net income of US$ 923 million.

In just one quarter, the company earned the entire amount collected in 2016Source: Anandtech

AMD constantly growing!

“AMD had another record quarter as revenue grew 54% and operating income doubled year over year. Our business accelerated significantly in 2021, growing faster than the market based on our leading products,” said company CEO Lisa Su.

AMD’s computing and graphics sector, which includes PC, notebook and GPU sales, managed to bring in $2.4 billion in the last quarter — a 44% increase over the previous period.

Fortunately for AMD, this is the company’s sixth consecutive quarter with records and higher profitability. Despite the semiconductor crisis, the forecast is that the company closes the last months of the year with revenues of US$ 4.5 billion.

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