Xbox Studios Boss Says Want More Blockbusters Like Sony

Xbox Game Studios boss Matt Booty praised Sony’s games and said Microsoft intends to make blockbuster games similar to the rival company’s. He stated that he does not want to “copy” the rival, but that he intends to improve the company’s work in games with universal themes, high production value and rich worlds.

“First of all, I take my hat off to Sony and their studio system and the leaders they have there, it’s fantastic. You can’t argue about the quality of the things they offer that they’re working on,” he said in an interview with the podcast Kinda Funny this Wednesday (20).

Booty argued that there are games that everyone wants to play and are set in a huge universe that people feel they can be a part of and inhabit.

“And, of course, this has been a place where we haven’t been one-on-one with Sony,” he acknowledged. “I don’t necessarily want to get into [em uma discussão sobre] ‘what is our Uncharted?’, ‘what is our Horizon Zero Dawn?’, ‘what is our this?’, ‘what is our that?’. I don’t think this does anyone any good,” he added.

After that, he argued that, yes, Microsoft will work to have more universally themed games, with “a big world where people want to get lost, that have good characters and high production values.”

Finally, the director of Xbox Game Studios said that the industry is growing, evolving and that everyone is still learning and pointed out that the idea is to be aware of what fans are wanting.

Other themes

Over the 40-minute interview, Matt Booty talked about several other interesting topics. In the very first few seconds, he was asked what was the last thing he had played, and that’s when he revealed that before the interview he was having fun with a Game Gear.

After that, the executive commented a lot on topics such as the Xbox Game Pass. He praised the service and made the point about the variety of titles available to subscribers. According to him, the idea is precisely to bring this multiplicity of options, from games developed by numerous teams, such as Halo, even with smaller scopes like Grounded.

Game Pass

The executive also commented on the partnership with Crystal Dynamics, which is working with Microsoft on the reboot of Perfect Dark.

“I think we’re at a point in the industry where if you have a team like Crystal Dynamics available that has a great pedigree, and they’ve become available, I’d be remiss to say no,” he joked.

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