Xbox Game Pass Subscriptions Miss Microsoft’s Target

Despite bringing a growing offering with hundreds of games to download, the Xbox Game Pass has failed to meet the target for growth in its subscribers set by Microsoft itself throughout fiscal year 2021.

The company had expected to see a 48% growth in the number of active players, but last year brought only a 37% increase, far from the desired mark. It’s worth noting that the fiscal year ended on June 30, so many analysts consider that the lack of triple-A heavyweight releases may have impacted the result.

even without the flagship Halo Infinite, which ended up being pushed back to December 2021 and certainly messing up the numbers, Microsoft had good reason to believe in better results since, in the previous year, it had set a growth target of 71% and, even so, it reached incredible results. 86%!

As the company doesn’t reveal its raw numbers, it’s hard to pinpoint how many people currently sign up for the Xbox Game Pass. What is known, however, is that service results are the only metric in the video game industry that has an impact on the payroll of Microsoft executives, including CEO Satya Nadella.

The company attaches so much importance to the performance of the Xbox Game Pass that bonus payouts for service numbers count in the same way as the firm’s major flagship products like Microsoft Teams.

Let’s hope that more subscribers arrive in 2021 and that the service keeps improving even more! Are you already an Xbox Game Pass subscriber? What are you thinking of your catalog? Let us know in the comments below!

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