Uncharted: Leaked movie teaser brings Tom Holland into action

The film adaptation of Uncharted won his first teaser. The preview leaked on the internet shows the protagonist Nathan Drake – played by Tom Holland – in action, trying to return to a plane after having fallen from it due to the unloading of some boxes during the flight, in addition to bringing fight scenes.

Rumor has it that the full trailer should be released tomorrow (21), although the information has yet to be confirmed by Sony. The video also features a glimpse into the look of Victor “Sully” Sullivan, mentor of the treasure hunter adventurer — played by Mark Wahlberg. Check out!

Details on the plot of the PlayStation game series adaptation are still lacking. The feature is set to open in theaters on February 18, 2022 and looks like a property with the potential to become a new studio franchise.

That’s because Sony is interested in turning many of its games into movies and series — according to the company, 10 projects are already underway. Besides Uncharted and the series based on The Last of Us, developed by HBO Max, the company has already announced a film by Ghost of Tsushima with the director of John Wick, as well as a series of Twisted Metal, produced by the creators of Deadpool e Cobra Kai.


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