Ruby Rose: Warner rebuts the actress’ allegations of abuse on the show

After actress Ruby Rose’s strong accusations about the film set of the series Batwoman, Warner Bros. decided to comment on the case. According to a company statement released this Wednesday afternoon (20), the actress was fired for complaints related to her behavior during the recordings.

“Despite the story Ruby Rose is sharing on the networks about the attitudes of producers, cast, crew, broadcast and studio, the truth is that Warner Bros. Television has decided not to renew Ruby’s contract for the second season of Batwoman based on various complaints about their behavior in the workplace and which have been extensively reviewed and addressed in particular out of respect for all involved.”

Batwoman (The CW/Warner Bros.)

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The actress explained, through a series of posts on her Instagram account, the reasons that made her leave the main role of Batwoman. According to her, situations of bullying, bullying and even neglect with accidents involving team members were frequent.

“A crew member suffered 3rd degree burns all over her body, and we didn’t receive therapy after witnessing her skin fall off her face. they work by phone,” he revealed. She also claims that former The CW President Peter Roth harassed women during the recordings.

Rose took the opportunity to make a request to the fans: “Please, my dear fans, stop asking if I’ll come back for that horrible show. I wouldn’t come back for any amount of money, not even if a gun was put to my head. It wasn’t me I gave up, they ruined Kate Kane and destroyed the bat woman, not me,” he said.

Apparently, the story involving Ruby Rose and Warner will go far. Keep an eye on Minha Série for all the news!

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