No Man’s Sky will have a Halloween Expedition inspired by the movie Dune

With the premiere of the movie Danube scheduled for October 21st here in Brazil, the game No Man’s Sky is now ready to receive content from director Denis Villeneuve’s new film! Giant earthworms, also known as sandworms, are the big stars of the Expedition 4: Emergence, as you can see in the trailer:

The crossover between the two science fiction works also comes at a good time if we remember that Halloween is already on October 31st, and Americans love to promote themed events like this during Halloween!

According to developer Hello Games, the idea here is that “travelers help clean the planets of the cursed dust and hunt down the titanic worms in order to reveal the threads of a dark narrative”.

In other words, this will be the first expedition that will really have a story to follow! Also, as part of this update, you’ll also be able to customize your jetpack’s ejected air to make it spew slimy fluids and little worms around as it flies, which is both disgusting and adorable.

Finally, particle effects will also be enhanced, which will make your journey through space more beautiful than ever. But what did you think of this update? is eager to see Danube and check your date with No Man’s Sky? Comment below!

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