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Technological advances provide many facilities, allowing activities — previously only carried out in person — could also migrate to online. Among them are the music studios, which provide professional tools for users to make their productions wherever they are.

Currently, there are several software for this purpose, which offer unique functions or similar to others. To help you with this choice, we present a selection of the main programs available.

1. Psycle

The first version of Psycle was released in 2001. It is only available for Windows. (Wikimedia Commons/Reproduction)Source: Wikimedia Commons

O Psycle is one of the most popular music studios on the internet. In addition to having professional functions, it allows its users to synthesize and add effects to their creations. The software is available free of charge and there is no monthly fee required to access premium features.

Its functionality might seem a little complex at first, but that’s due to the amount of tools it offers. The sounds are produced through your computer keyboard and it is necessary to pay attention to the commands to get the desired result.

It should appeal to all those looking for a more complex and free program.

2. Bitwig Studio

Bitwig has support for Windows, Mac and Linux, requiring specific configurations for each one of them.  (Bitwig/Reproduction)Bitwig supports Windows, Mac and Linux, requiring specific settings for each of them. (Source: Bitwig/Reproduction)Source: Bitwig

O Bitwig Studio was developed with the intention of being a professional music studio. Although all its features are available for free, you need to purchase the software package to save or export your creations — and the value may not be accessible to everyone, since it is currently costing R$2,417.

However, Bitwig’s functions justify the investment in the software. It offers a number of sound packs and audio plugin, constantly made available by its developers.

Unsurprisingly, the sheer number of functions can make the most layman users a bit confused at first. But be aware that Bitwig, the company responsible for the program, releases several videos with tutorials on its channel. YouTube.

3. Melodyne Studio

Melodyne Studio has become one of the most popular software in its class.  It works on both Windows and Mac computers. (Download/Playback)Melodyne Studio has become one of the most popular software in its class. It works on Windows and Mac computers. (Source: Baixaki/Reprodução)Source: download

O Melodyne Studio does not fall short when it comes to music production, offering a complete platform for its users. The software allows you to work with more complex textures, involving a series of sound layers.

Before editing, you can choose between using the program to record the audio or importing it from other software. Melodyne Studio can process files from ProTools, Logic, Cubase, Sonar, among others.

However, the software does not offer a free trial. If you want to buy it, you need to invest R$4,269 to have access to the latest version. Another negative point is the impossibility of working with sounds that are in MP3 format, needing to convert the file before uploading it to the program.

4. mp3DirectCut

Although simple, mp3DirectCut has interesting functions.  It runs on Windows or Linux machines.  (mp3DirectCut/Playback)Although simple, mp3DirectCut has interesting functions. It runs on Windows or Linux machines. (Source: mp3DirectCut/Reproduction)Source: mp3DirectCut

O mp3DirectCut is the most affordable and most feature-limited software of our selection. It is aimed at those who want a simple audio editor for everyday work — like video inclusion — or hobby.

One of its great strengths is the possibility of changing the program’s language to Portuguese.

Its highlighting tools are basic, but they offer some possibilities for clipping and editing audio excerpts. Its functionality is also simple, not requiring a lot of knowledge on the subject. mp3DirectCut is available for free.

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