Microsoft knows that Office 365 hosts malware, says researcher

Thousands of computers around the world have already suffered from problems caused by malware, even more so on Windows. As a result, Microsoft is constantly releasing updates to Windows Defender — however, unfortunately, the company itself may be one of the causes of these problems.

Last week, a former Microsoft security analyst revealed that Office 365 is one of the biggest malware hosts. The problem is that many of these infected files are on OneDrive and the process to delete them is extremely complicated and slow.

On Tuesday, former analyst Kevin Beaumont announced that OneDrive is not on the latest list of top malware hosts — it’s the first time in years that Microsoft hasn’t featured in the top ten list.

Microsoft is not the only culprit

It is important to make clear that this is not a problem unique to Microsoft and, for example, Google Drive is also already a victim of malware. In fact, a survey carried out at the Bern University of Applied Sciences revealed that Google and Cloudflare services are among the top hosting of infected files.

In any case, it’s important to make it clear that this isn’t just a Google and Microsoft problem. Malicious files are spread across the entire internet network, so it is necessary for the entire technology industry to pay more attention to the problem.

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