Maid: Netflix miniseries beats The Queen’s Gambit

According to data recently released by Netflix, Maid passed the mark of the Queen’s Gambit and became the most watched miniseries in streaming. Launched on October 1st, the production has already been watched by around 67 million people.

With a melodramatic plot, Maid tells the story of Alex (played by Margaret Qualley), who on a certain day, tired of all the abuse he suffered, decides to flee with his daughter to a new place. However, because she has not studied enough, she needs to take the first job that comes her way, working as a maid in the homes of very wealthy people.

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Inspired by Stephanie Land’s novel, there is a biographical tone present in all episodes, which show how her protagonist’s life can be extremely harrowing considering all social aspects.

Little by little, Alex realizes that the system he’s in can be very brutal, given that to get a job, his daughter needs to stay in a day care center — but in order to enroll little Maddy (Rylea Nevaeh Whittet) in the institution, she you need a job.

Maid: Learn about Netflix’s most watched miniseries

In addition to Margaret Qualley, who stands out in every way, the cast also features Nick Robinson as Sean, the main character’s ex-boyfriend, Andie MacDowell as Paula, Alex’s bipolar mother, Billy Burke as Hank, Alex’s estranged father, and also Anika Noni Rose as Regina, one of the protagonist’s employers.

Tracy Vilar, BJ Harrison and Raymond Ablack also appear in different moments of the narrative with extremely important characters. A curiosity is that actresses Andie MacDowell and Margaret Qualle are also mother and daughter in real life, but the relationship between the two is very different from that seen in the miniseries.

Consisting of ten exciting episodes, Maid has everything to continue captivating all Netflix subscribers. Have you watched the production? Be sure to comment your impressions through the comments section!

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