Locke & Key: Everything You Need to Know Before Season 2


Netflix announced the renewal for season 2 of the series Locke & Key in early 2020, a month after the series was released on the streaming platform and received a lot of positive reviews from subscribers to the service.

The production is based on the acclaimed comic book of the same name by Joe Hill (son of Stephen King) and Gabriel Rodríguez and tells the story of three brothers: Tyler (Connor Jessup), Kinsey (Emilia Jones) and Bode (Jackson Robert Scott), who discover a ancestral home in Massachusetts after his father’s murder. There, they find several magic keys that give them many powers and abilities.

danger in the shadows

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Locke & Key wrapped up her 10-episode season with Nina conveniently spending what would have been a busy night at dinner with Daniel Mutuku while her kids were at home, awaiting Ellie’s return with the Crown of Shadows.

Instead of Ellie, it was Dodge who arrived, bringing some friends in the form of shadow demons.

The kids started barricading the house to protect the Omega Key, but Dodge’s demons got in anyway. They then found that the lights were hitting them and immediately turned on all the lamps in the house. But of course, to complicate matters, the light box was turned off, leaving them in a dangerous darkness.

Dodge’s goal in season one was to get the Omega Key to open the Black Door – an ancient entrance to the Drowning Caves, located just below the Keyhouse – and unfortunately, she achieved her goal. The Black Door is the only thing that prevents a dimension of demonic entities from possessing humans.

Eventually, in the midst of chaos, Bode is able to stab one of Dodge’s shadows with the Fire Key and, as the shadows dissipate, Tyler, Kinsey and Bode find Dodge’s unconscious body in the lobby. They decide the only way to end this is to throw her through the Black Door and they do.

The children believe they are free from the villain, but discover that Ellie is nowhere to be found when they return to the Keyhouse. The ending then shows us that the body of Dodge they saw in the lobby and dumped through the door was Ellie’s and that Dodge is actually Gabe, Kinsey’s love interest.

What’s worse is that Gabe isn’t alone, as the Dark Door was opened and Eden was hit by a projectile of light from it, causing him to channel a demon inside him.

What to remember for season 2?

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Duncan Locke (Aaron Ashmore), the children’s uncle, has had most of his memories erased thanks to Rendell and friends. He, like most adults, cannot remember magic.

Tyler is dating a girl named Jackie (Genevieve Kang), who is friends with Eden. And Kinsey may be dating Gabe, but he still has a crush on Scot (Petrice Jones), the budding filmmaker who created a horror movie called The Splattering with the help of his friends Doug (Jesse Camacho) and Zadie (Asha Bromfield).

Of course, there are other information and characters that surfaced in Season 1, but this is the most important thing you need to remember to prepare for the Locke kids’ next adventure.

Locke & Key returns to Netflix on October 22nd.


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