Half of the Brazilian population completes vaccination against covid-19

This Wednesday (20) Brazil reached the important mark of 50% of the population with the complete vaccination scheme against covid-19. This means that more than 106.7 million Brazilians have already received the two doses of the immunizing agent or the single dose vaccine, being more protected against the disease that, so far, has killed more than 604 thousand people in the country.

The percentage of people over 18 years old, the initial public of the campaign, who are already fully vaccinated is 65.93%. Those with only one dose of the immunizing agent represent 71.41% of the population, that is, 152,325,559 people.

The data collected are from the consortium formed by O GLOBO, Extra, G1, Folha de S.Paulo, UOL e The State of São Paulo based on information provided by the state health departments released daily.

The numbers were celebrated by experts and health professionals. THE Folha de São Paulo, infectologist Jamal Suleiman, from the Emílio Ribas hospital, highlighted that “The number shows that Brazil and its people trust the vaccine. Now, we need the other 50% to understand the importance of the immunizing agent. In addition, President Jair Bolsonaro needs to stop saying that we don’t need to receive the vaccine.”

Vaccinated people can still have covid-19, but the chances of having the disease in the severe form and dying from the virus are drastically reduced after full immunization. Thus, vaccines are, so far, the best way to fight the pandemic that has already left deep social and economic marks in the country.

The effects of vaccination on the fight against the pandemic

Source: Torstensimon/Pixabay/ReproductionSource: torstensimon/Pixabay

The positive result of the vaccination campaign and the adherence of the vast majority of the Brazilian population had clear reflections on the reduction in the number of cases and deaths in Brazil. The moving average of deaths on Tuesday (19) was 351, a value that has been below 400 for a week. Although it is not a comfortable number, it is much lower than the average of more than 3,000 daily deaths verified at the peak of pandemic.

The new registered cases of covid-19 are also in decline: on Tuesday, there were 10,900 against 75,000 notifications/day in April.

For now, alerts Suleiman, it is necessary that the population understand that, even though it is promising, the mark reached today is still not enough for us to safely exit the pandemic. Therefore, he emphasizes that the use of the mask and social distancing are still fundamental measures.


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