C6 Bank increases cashback up to 1.3% on card purchases

This Wednesday (20), C6 Bank announced that its cashback system has increased the exchange ratio between Átomos loyalty points and the balance in reais that fall into the customer’s account. For example, when you add 100 points, which used to be worth R$2, now become R$2.8.

It is noteworthy that two conversions are made to get the money back. The first is the expenditure on the purchase that becomes points, and the second is a transfer of these points to the real. As an example, purchases of C6 Carbon — equivalent to Mastercard’s Black — that spend R$1,100 on credit now earn 500 points, considering the dollar value at R$5.5. This amount of Atoms can be exchanged for R$14 in the account, reaching 1.3% of the original money back. “Premium” service consumers earn 2.5 points for every $1.

That said, C6 card customers without an annual fee who use one of the points accelerators can accumulate 308 points for every R$1,100, which yields R$8 in cashback.

To redeem the conversion, simply go to the C6 Store, the online store within the bank’s app, and choose one of the four exchange options. After a few minutes, the system will send you an email with details about the operation; the credit must be applied within five business days and it is not possible to choose third-party entries to receive the money.

In addition to cashback, Atomos can be used in loyalty programs with the main Brazilian airlines.Source: Disclosure/C6Bank

The Atoms Advantage

Accumulated scores do not expire, regardless of card modality, and can be used prior to paying bills. Furthermore, all bank users automatically participate in the initiative.

It is possible to increase the accumulation through two paid plans: the C6 10 costs BRL 10 per month, and the C6 20 requires BRL 20. Simulations can be performed to predict the creation of points and decide the best option.

Finally, Atoms points are also generated with salary portability — 3,000 points in 12 installments for “normal” cards and 12,000 for Carbon enthusiasts. The registration of Pix keys also generates scores: 1.2 thousand for the traditional C6 and 6 thousand for Carbon.


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