You: Season 3 of the series brings big bets, says producer

Image: Netflix/Playback.

The 3rd season of You (You, in the Brazilian version) debuts on October 15th on Netflix and, according to Sera Gamble, responsible for the exclusive production of the platform, the series will return bringing great emotions and twists.

The show achieved great success – 43 million full views of season 1 – with the premise of showing the story of a stalker without limits and its relationship with its “prey”. Now, You returns for Season 3 exploring the marriage between Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley, from Gossip Girl) and Love (Victoria Pedretti, de The Curse of the Hill Residence).

You: parenthood and nosy neighbors

Joe has a lot to deal with in the new episodes: his unhappy wife Love, who will also kill when he needs to – as we learned last season – and his newborn son. “The stakes are incredibly high,” said the showrunner Sera Gamble, during an interview with the website TV Insider.

In the new season, the two lovebirds are back to their old tricks. After Joe falls in love with Natalie (Michaela McManus, from One Tree Hill), a married woman who lives in the same upscale neighborhood as the couple, a lot of blood must be spilled — which should bring some problems, considering the community in which they chose to live.

According to Gamble, Joe and Love have “messy neighbors who really want to get into their business.” Among them are Natalie’s husband Matthew, a tech mogul played by Scott Speedman (from night Angels); Sherry (Shalita Grant, de Santa Clarita Diet), an influential blogger; and Marienne, the librarian (played by Tati Gabrielle, from Sabrina’s Dark World), which is not the open book it seems.

“Is it over there [Natalie] she’s smart and observant and she’s also got scary things going on in her life,” said Gamble. Could the anti-hero have found his match? “Joe is smart [também], but he’s not a chess genius”, joked the producer and screenwriter, revealing that an electrifying deadly game should happen in the 3rd season.

You It premieres its 3rd season this Friday, October 15th, on Netflix. AND You, will you watch? Tell us!

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