Lost: Evangeline Lilly says she hasn’t seen the last few seasons of the series

Lost is consolidated as one of the greatest productions in the universe of the series, even though it ended 11 years ago and divided the opinions of fans about its ending a lot. Evangeline Lilly – actress who played Kate Austen – recently revealed that she has not seen the last three seasons of the series.

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The actress got her first expression role in Lost and he acted in the series for all six seasons, from 2004 to 2010. Since then, he has participated in other projects, one of the biggest being his participation in the films of the Cinematographic Universe by Marvel, playing the character A Vespa, partner of Homem-Ant.

In a recent interview, Evangeline said her biggest sin regarding Lost it was not having watched the last three seasons of the series, which she justified as being “ashamed” to see it because it was her first acting job.

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The story of the series follows a group of people who survived a plane crash and ended up on a desert island in place in the southern Pacific Ocean. There, they have to deal with the island’s secrets and the growing conflicts between them. The sci-fi elements mixed with the supernatural became more apparent as the series continued.

The series’ cast included the likes of Josh Holloway, Michael Emerson, Daniel Dae Kim, Matthew Fox, Jorge Garcia and Terry O’Quinn. It was created by Damon Lindelof, Jeffrey Leiber and JJ Abrams.

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