Facebook creates tab for podcasts, chats and more audio content

Facebook has started to implement a new tab in the social network app for mobile devices. It is “Audio”, a space that gathers and selects content only with voice and that are available on the platform.

According to the website TechCrunch, the idea is to create a hub for podcasts, clipped excerpts that use only the participants’ voices (called “Soundbites” and with a few seconds in length) and live chat rooms — the so-called Live Audio Rooms, which compete directly against the Clubhouse and the Twitter Spaces.

For now, the tab is only available to the US audience and on the network’s official app for Android and iOS. It is inside “Watch”, the already existing space for video consumption. Live Audio Rooms will start to appear to users from other locations.

Some of the features of the new tab.Source: TechCrunch

There are still no details on the global availability of the new features, but Facebook’s plans to expand to audio content were announced as early as April this year.


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