Coldplay Announces New ‘Green’ Tour

Coldplay took a hiatus from touring in 2019 due to concerns about the environmental impact of the concerts.

Four years after their A Head Full of Dreams tour, which saw them perform 122 shows across five continents, the band has announced a new tour, with an eco-friendly approach.

The band is committed to making their upcoming Music of the Spheres tour as sustainable and low-carbon as possible.

This includes reducing your CO2 emissions by 50% compared to your previous tours, developing and supporting sustainable tourism practices, and offsetting CO2 emissions through projects such as financing a tree planting for each ticket sold.

As part of their commitment, they also partnered with BMW to develop a rechargeable show battery that will run on recycled cooking oil, solar energy and kinetic energy.

The BBC’s Colin Paterson sat down with lead singer Chris Martin to discuss measures the band is putting in place to ensure the tour consumes more CO2 than it produces.

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