10 tech news to start the day (10/14)

Good Morning! We’ve separated the main news from the world of Science and Technology so you can know everything that happened last Wednesday (13). To check each news in full, just click on the links below.

1. See what William Shatner’s spaceflight was like with Blue Origin. Actor who played Captain Kirk in Star Trek went into space this Wednesday (13) around 11:30 am (Eastern time).

2. La Casa de Papel: part 2 of season 5 gets a new trailer; watch! Part 2 of the fifth and final season of La Casa de Papel will arrive on December 3rd on Netflix.

3. Google plans to use Fuchsia OS on more smart devices. The Linux kernel-less operating system, in development for 5 years, already runs on Nest Hub.

4. GeForce Now arrives in Brazil this Thursday (14) with a free plan. Service has more than 800 games and can be used with platform library like Steam and Epic Games.

5. Facebook: former employee makes new complaints and can testify. Sophie Zhang worked as a data scientist and says she has ‘blood on her hands’ because the company hasn’t done enough against misinformation.

6. Round 6 becomes the most watched series in Netflix history. According to the company, the production was viewed by more than 100 million subscriber profiles and tuned in by 111 million homes worldwide.

7. Amazon is accused of plagiarizing products from sellers in India. Amazon internal documents indicate that the retailer also favored private-label items in searches on the platform.

8. Samsung announces Galaxy Unpacked for October 20th. The event will be held in the same week as the Apple events, with the launch of the new MacBooks Pro, and Google, which will launch the Pixel 6.

9. Scientists first create detailed atlases of the human brain. The research aims to better understand the functioning of this complex organ and help in the creation of treatments for neurological diseases.

10. The 7 safest cities in the world in 2021. Discover the cities that offer the best security conditions for their residents in all key areas of life.


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